Amy’s connection with Rajesh Koothrappali is kind of complicated, nonetheless they are still best friends

Inside “New Unicamente Oscillation”, Sheldon leaves Amy outside of the apartment so he can enjoys some peace and quiet to work. She hangs in Leonard and you can Penny’s flat and actually starts to bond having Leonard. These were both spelling bee winners plus they drill Cent which have a night of them trying to stump each other with spelling terms and conditions. The following night it start reenacting old high-school technology programs particularly doing very hot frost and you will building a trend front out of popsicle sticks.


Amy’s reference to Howard is somewhat tricky the same exact way because it’s that have Sheldon, but they are close friends. She, such as for example Sheldon and Dr. Gablehauser, produces Franske kvinner vs amerikansk enjoyable off Howard to own without a great doctorate and also for their other idiosyncrasies; however, into the “The newest Scavenger Vortex,” she and you can Howard spend time by yourself together the very first time and thread more a common love for Neil Diamond songs, considered concert vacation and you may ending the latest episode that have karaoke. She seemingly have significantly more typical fun with Howard than which have Sheldon. They shortly after discussed doing it again, in “The newest Fermentation Bifurcation”, it’s revealed that it have not followed abreast of it since that time and their common conversation might be hard. Inside “New Venture Contaminants”, Howard and you will Amy will work to one another on a mind regulated robotic equipment. Howard astonishes their particular with his miracle and so they invest free time enjoying songs and each moving to one another, one thing Amy does not get regarding Sheldon.


Her experience of your can be demonstrated exactly the same way they is with Sheldon. When you look at the “The new Santa Simulation”, the guys desire enjoy a game title off Dungeons and you may Dragons over

preparations using their girls, compelling Amy, Penny, and Bernadette check out a bar for a ladies night. Raj tags also them after their D&D character becomes deceased inside the earliest 5 minutes. At the pub since the girls want to help Raj come across a girl, Raj suggests on them which he got something for Penny and Bernadette, however, always attempts to such as for instance a good pal’s girlfriend one within a date. Amy next claims one Raj need had a thing to have their, however, he responds having a zero. Harm from the remark, Amy reveals their past sad enjoy on guys, such just how once she handed out during the a frat blender and you will woke up with alot more gowns on her, Raj up coming empathizes along with her about their trouble with girls and you may they smile a tiny at each and every other with Amy commenting towards the her newest connection with Sheldon and just how it may happens with Raj and you may a beneficial girl. After they are all planning to log off, Amy states one to she actually is a good since she understands Raj enjoys their own and Raj observe aside with Penny proclaiming that he type regarding enjoys their own now that the guy knows the woman is not into the your. Boosting towards the dating ranging from Amy and you may Raj since it both learn he could be together regarding the missed institution of one’s reverse gender. From inside the “The newest Friendship Turbulence”, Raj requires Amy to resolve a girl one to responded Raj’s dating website. Although the girl believes one to Raj is too shy and you may inactive, she do strike right up a friendship which have Amy. Immediately following Raj charges inside on the coffee score-to one another, he spoils a possible relationship having Emily for both of these. Amy is the only person in the team you to definitely regularly phone calls your “Rajesh”. He and you can Howard in addition try to greatly help Amy which have Bert exactly who have an effective crush into he rand it finish planning to a stone let you know which have Bert.